To the mysterious Dolský mlýn

  • By bike
  • Medium difficulty

Jetřichovice – Dolský mlýn – Kamenická Stráò – Rùžová – Janov – Hřensko – Mezní Louka – Vysoká Lípa – Jetřichovice

From Jetřichovice through a lovely rock valley along Jetřichovická Bìlá stream to its joining with Kamenice river in the gorge by Dolský mlýn, followed by a hard steep climb-up through a forest road, turn to the right on the top and towards the rock lookout point Nad Dolským mlýnem (Above Dolský Mill), with a view of the Kamenice gorge. From the forest we arrive to Kamenická Stráò (village conservation area) and continue once again through forest around Rùžovský vrch (mountain) to the village of Rùžová (above the village, Pastevní vrch (mountain) with a wonderful lookout).

Through open terrain we follow the road to Janov and then down to Hřensko. Return to Jetřichovice using a frequented, but lovely road through Mezní Louka and Vysoká Lípa).

The ancient tale of the miller's murdered son

In 16th century a tragedy is said to have happened in Dolský mlýn. The miller's son left home to see the world. When he was returning many years later, already grown-up and  with a thick beard, experienced, and rich on gained wealth, he stopped at the local inn, sharing his story with the neighbours. By the evening he came to his parents' mill, but wanting to surprise his parents, presented himself incognito, asking for a place to sleep, and paying in gold coin. Blinded by the gold, the miller together with his wife murdered and robbed the sleeping young man, disposing of the body in the nearby forest.

Next day a neighbouring farmer came to inquire of the miller's joy from his son's homecoming. The greedy parents finally understanding that they had taken life of their own child the previous night,  horrified killed themselves on that  same day, the father hanging himself, his wife drowning under the wheel. Their restless spirits are said to mourn and wail in the building until the present times.

Category Route: 

  • By bike


  • Medium difficulty

Higest Altitude: 

344 m. n. m.

Lowest Altitude: 

157 m. n. m.

Elevation Gain: 

710 m

Path length: 

29.3 km

Time requirements: 

3 hodiny

Typ trasy: 

  • Trail of legends



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