To Dolský mlýn and Šaunštejn

  • On foot
  • For families with children

From Jetřichovice follow the yellow markers towards Vysoká Lípa. Turn off to Starý mlýn and right after it you enter the Jetřichovická Bělá valleyWhen you reach the crossroads by the Royal Spruce, keep on following the yellow markers alongside the water until you come to where the waters meet; cross over on the footbridge and continue straight on to the rock. The carved-out steps and railings will help you get up to the terrace and onto the path running alongside the Kamenice. You’ll soon be standing above the ruptured weir and on the other bank you will get your first glimpse of the famous Dolský mlýn. The path leads to the new footbridge over the Kamenice; cross over and go and have a look at the fairy-tale ruins of the mill.

Go back to the right bank across the bridge and head upwards, on the blue route now, up the steep slope of the beautiful rocky ravine. After walking for around a kilometre, come out of the wood and follow the yellow markers to the little village of Vysoká Lípa. The route starts to rise up to the road, past the place known as Pod Loupežákem and as far as the signpost, from where you should head along the red route to Šaunštejn.
There are steps leading up into the rocks, beside which there is a guardhouse carved out into the rock. It is hard to get up the narrow rock crevices via the almost vertical ladders with a backpack, and great care should be taken; children will find this part much easier than adults.

Have a look around the square castle tower, with places showing were beams used to sit. Cross the footbridge over the gorge until you get to the rocky promontory of the last rock. At the foot of the castle get back onto the red route and go up for around 500 metres towards Malá Pravčická brána.

Go back following the same route. When you come to Vysoká Lípa, you can catch the bus back to the starting point in Jetřichovice.

Fairy-tale Dolský mlýn or Where the Proud Princess Milled Corn

The romantic ruin of Dolský mlýn has attracted several film crews. The last permanent residents abandoned the mill in 1945 and from then on it began to fall into disrepair. It wasn’t until 1951 that the director Bořivoj Zeman visited it to shoot several scenes for his famous fairy-tale film Pyšná princezna (The Proud Princess). Several alterations were made to Dolský mlýn for the needs of the film-makers, and the film architects replaced the tarred roof with a more romantic and authentic thatched roof. The second alterations to the mill were less severe; in the scene a building opposite blocked the small hotel, so that was demolished.

Everyone probably knows that scene – Princess Krasomila and Prince Miroslav are approaching the old millers’ dwelling to help them grind grain. Just a few seconds on the silver screen made Dolský mlýn famous, and today it is still visited by tourists and film buffs in search of some interesting movie locations.

In 2008 filming started on two fairy-tales – Ztracený princ (The Lost Prince) and Peklo s princeznou (Hell and the Princess), with devils cavorting in the mill and riding on the mill wheel. In 2013 Dolský mlýn was transformed into a mediaeval farmstead and used as the setting for the historical epic Poutnice (The Pilgrimess).

The project  Tourism without Borders is implemented through the Objective 3 Programme to promote cross-border cooperation between the Czech Republic and the Free State of Saxony 2007 - 2013 period.

Category Route: 

  • On foot


  • For families with children

Higest Altitude: 

362 m. n. m.

Lowest Altitude: 

229 m. n. m.

Elevation Gain: 

188 m

Path length: 

9.3 km

Time requirements: 

4 h

Typ trasy: 

  • With attractions
  • Routes with a story
  • Taking the bus

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