Through Myší Díra To Tokání

  • On foot
  • For families with children
  • For beginner walkers

Start the trip in Doubice village. There is a stone labyrinth beside the old village inn, with wonderous wooden statues of animals and mysterious beings, bugbears, and also playground with various swings to many-a-child's delight. From there we walk the road to Dolní Chřibská following the yellow mark. There is a parking lot about 1 km along this path, where the path enters the forest, becoming more and more pebbly. Almost about the top of the climb there is a point towards an ancient large oak, where a portrait of the Holliest Threesome is displayed.

We také turn to the left from our original direction and in a moment come back to the yellow-marked path, continuing it to a bare hill covered with tree stumps. On its top we will find the seat of a bandit's leader. Go back to the path, and follow the mark to St. Eustach. A narrow road leads through the forest and between many  rocks, guiding us though a rock city and along one short root climb-up. Then we walk through the forest all the way towards two tall rocks and a narrow rock gate. A climb down a ladder to Dvorana, previously called Theodor's corridors, awaits there with a crossroad.

A pathway in the hillside takes us to a rock city, its first tower visible behind the first turn. Walk around this tower, where a view of Suchý vrch and further away situated Studenec can be appreciated. We push through a very narrow gorge, several steps down and a  narrow path above the ravine, then walk down into the famous Myší Díra (Mouse Hole), also called Úzké schody. Under the first metal ladder there is a small flat spot with one most steep ladder all the way down into the ravine itself.

We continue down along the bottom of this ravine, across a wooden pond bridge. Not far from there, a road begins, leading to the log cabins Na Tokání. It is good place to enjoy some refreshments, including a small forest playground for kids with the option of renting handbikes.

Budersdorf road takes us then around the pond, down the hill to the Infocenter Saula, where the handbikes can be returned (or we can continue on the all the way to Dolní Chřibská's restaurant Na Stodolci). From Saula we can make a short diversion and climb up to Chřibský hrádek, which is literally a ruin of a medieval castle situated on a rock high above the stream. The foundations of its main building are still perfectly visible though. We return to Saula and walk through the forest back to Doubice.

Category Route: 

  • On foot


  • For families with children
  • For beginner walkers

Higest Altitude: 

481 m. n. m.

Lowest Altitude: 

356 m. n. m.

Elevation Gain: 

124 m

Path length: 

10.9 km

Time requirements: 

3 - 4 hodiny

Typ trasy: 

  • With attractions
  • Sports attractions



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