The Jetřichovické rocks

  • On foot
  • For families with children
  • Medium difficulty

There is a crossroad point not far from the infocenter in Jetřichovice, from which walk along the red mark, leading us to enter the rock kingdom. We walk by tall rock walls, nearing  the gazebo on top of Marie's rock. From the crossroad point a heavy climb with stairs leads up to a sandstone board. The wooden gazebo on its top has been renewed in 2006 since the original one had been destroyed by fire caused by its negligent visitors.

We return down, continuing to Vilemína's wall, chancing a pass under a rock ceiling, where the rock had to be broken and cut-shaped for the purpose of continuing the pathway. Further along this winding path we come to a pair of rock gates,taking a turn to Vilemína's wall. Across a rock moat we come to a lookout place with banisters with a beautiful view of Marie's rock.

After returning down to the crossroads with gazebo and guide board we walk through Purkartický forest to Rudolfův kámen. A beautiful path leads us to a small meadow with a view of the gazebo at its top. The climb up there is extremely difficult with steep stairs, across a tiny bridge right around the rock itself, a narrow pathway and ladders, which end at the banisters, climbing only a plain rock to the very top. The breathtaking roundabout panoramatic view is more than worth it though.

Walk down through a wide gorge to the rocky path, contuinue with it for about 1 km to Pohovka crossroad, then we go with the green mark back to Jetřichovice.

Marie, Vilemína, Rudolf – nobility names enscribed in rocks

All three lookouts of Jetřichovice carry the names of Kinský noble dynasty members, which used to own the Česká Kamenice domain.

In 1856, Ferdinand Bonaventura, the 7th prince Kinský, had a greek-style gazebo built atop the Marie's rock, naming the rock after his newlywed wife Marie Anna Kinská, born princess of Lichtenstein. The original name of the rock had been Great Sharp. A habit of flying a banner with the arms of Kinský from the top of the gazebo each time they were supposed to visit, existed here.

Vilemína's wall, originally called the Black wall (almost forgotten though), was named after the princess Vilemína Kinská, the wife of Rudolf Kinský. It came to use about the half of the 19th century, sporting a wooden gazebo, which has been gone long since.

Rudolfův kámen, also called Ostroh (previously Vysoký kámen), got its name in 1824, after Rudolf, prince Kinský, who visited the rock that year, ordering a small hut to be built there later.

Projekt cestovního ruchu bez hranic je realizován prostřednictvím Programu Cíle 3 na podporu přeshraniční spolupráce mezi Českou republikou a Svobodným státem Sasko 2007 - 2013.

Category Route: 

  • On foot


  • For families with children
  • Medium difficulty

Higest Altitude: 

478 m. n. m.

Lowest Altitude: 

226 m. n. m.

Elevation Gain: 

567 m

Path length: 

8.5 km

Time requirements: 

3 - 4 h

Typ trasy: 

  • Routes with a story
  • In search of viewpoints

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