Gorge of the River Kamenice

  • Boat
  • On foot
  • For families with children
  • For beginner walkers

Start out in Hřensko, where the River Kamenice empties in the massive Elbe. Walk through the village between the rocky hillsides and after about a kilometre you will come to a half-timbered house, which is the start of the yellow route through the ravines of Hrensko.

Walk along the left bank of the Kamenice and across the first bridge and through the stone gate. You will eventually come to places where the path winds under natural and carved rock overhangs. After a while you'll get to the quay for ferries over weir. On the opposite bank you can clearly see the wooden salmon crossing. You can’t get any further through Edmund Gorge without a boat.

After sailing for around 960 m, during which time you’ll see a waterfall and will learn some interesting facts from the ferryman about the River Kamenice and the surrounding rocks, almost all of which have names, disembark and leave the quay following the footpath along the left-hand bank along the hillside towards Wild Gorge, go past the small waterfall and through two tunnels carved out of the rock. Continue alongside the river, which gets more and more wild, until you come to the Mezní bridge. Continue following the yellow markers and you’ll eventually come to another quay, where you can see another salmon crossing. Get onto the ferry and enjoy the ride through the Wild Gorge, which is only half as long as the Edmund Gorge and with less traffic, as there are only two boats. You’ve reached your destination, and continue from here on foot.

The bridge then takes us across to the right bank. At the signpost leave the yellow route and follow the blue markers up to Mezní Louka, where you catch the bus back to Hřensko.


Return of salmon to the Kamenice river

The return of salmon to the Kamenice river was a great event for the nature and countryside of Bohemian Switzerland. The salmon is a protected species, although it was completely eradicated in the Czech Republic during the 20th century, for two reasons: heavy pollution in the rivers and the construction of hydraulic structures (weirs, dams).

After all, during their lives salmon undertake a fantastic journey from the river they were born in, to the sea, and back again. Salmon spawn in freshwater rivers and live there for up to two years. They then make their pilgrimage to the sea, where they mature. Two years later they set off on their long journey back to where they were born, in order to reproduce. It is a dangerous journey and many salmon perish along the way. Salmon have the unique ability to use their sense of taste to recognise the right watercourses that will lead them back to their home river. Each stretch of water has its own unique chemical composition, which the young salmon remember on their way to the sea. When salmon are returning, it is essential for them that the rivers are passable – which is why the reintroduction programme on the River Kamenice involved the construction of fish crossings, which enable salmon to cross the weirs that would otherwise pose obstacles to them. 

Efforts to bring about the return of this remarkable species have been under way since 1998, when the Czech Fisheries Association first released young salmon into the Kamenice. The first adults returned to the Kamenice in 2002. For the return programme to be a success, it has to continue until the salmon are able to spawn a new generation without human assistance. This is the reason for the launch of the project Return of the Salmon, which allows people to send money via DMS and adopt young salmon, which will be released into the Kamenice.

The project  Tourism without Borders is implemented through the Objective 3 Programme to promote cross-border cooperation between the Czech Republic and the Free State of Saxony 2007 - 2013 period.

Category Route: 

  • Boat
  • On foot


  • For families with children
  • For beginner walkers

Higest Altitude: 

281 m. n. m.

Lowest Altitude: 

134 m. n. m.

Elevation Gain: 

147 m

Path length: 

8.4 km

Time requirements: 

3 - 4 h

Typ trasy: 

  • With attractions
  • Routes with a story
  • Taking the bus

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