Between the half-timbered houses to the meadows and hills of the Lusatian Mountains surrounding enchanting Studenec

  • On foot
  • For experienced walkers

Chřibská, nám. BUS STOP – Stodolec 2 – Studený 6 –Studenec 9.5 - Líska, dolní 12– Pustý Zámek (Abandoned Castle) – Horní Kamenice – Česká Kamenice square 19 – Česká Kamenice TRAIN 20 km

The Chřibská – Stodolec – Studený section will be marked in 2015.

From the town square of the village at the entrance to the landscape of Bohemian Switzerland, Chřibská, with its many interesting buildings, half-timbered houses, glassworks history, and small museum, we set off along the marked trail in the direction of Stodolec, together with the yellow route in the direction of Doubice. The route continues among the houses of the Chřibská Kamenice valley, and on the left we pass the former Společenský dům (Community House). Here we cross the bridge over Chřibská Kamenice and continue further along the left riverbank between the half-timbered cottages to the Na Stodolci lodging house (a family-owned lodging house).

From here, head south through beautiful meadows (view of Studenec and Spravedlnost) to the forest. Continue downward along the forest trail and immediately ascend (to the west) to more meadows – a view of Růžák Hill, Zschirnstein, and Studenec unfolds. We come to a road coming from Chřibská Kamenice valley that leads to Kunratice and Česká Kamenice. Follow the road south between meadows to Studený, a picturesque village where there are two nature trails that lead through the surrounding area with many small restored sacred monuments in the sandstone cliffs. The small parking lot in the centre of the village features informational plaques and an information centre.

From Studený, we continue along the red markers to the east/southeast upward past the Kamzík lodging house, through the tree-lined alley to the foot of Studenec and follow a steep climb through an old-growth beech forest on the southern slope. There, we will find a detour to the summit, along an ancient stone path to the forested summit. Here we have a view from the edge of the sea of stone on the southern end of the Lusatian Mountains from Kamenický Šenov to Klíč. There is only a limited view from the old yet restored iron lookout tower over the tall beech trees, but in the winter, a 360-degree view of Bohemian Switzerland, the Lusatian Mountains, the Středohoří Mountains, and Mount Ještěd unfolds.

Sightings of chamois antelope brought in by Count Kínský at the turn of the 20th century are common.

Descend back to the marked route, continue out of the forest to the grassy saddle beneath Studenec, and from there follow the blue markers down to the town of Líska. We descend between old houses to the lower part of Líska to the bus stop.

At the fork by the bus stop, choose the red route - across the road and upward to the forest. Then continue along the edge of the meadow and rocky ravine along the right side back to the forest, through which we descend to the foot of the Pustý Zámek (Abandoned Castle) summit. The moulded path up the steps to the rocky summit is furnished with a handrail. Here you can enjoy the breathtaking views of the the narrow gorge of the Kamenice River in its phonolite formations to Břidličný Hill and Střední Hill (Hranáč) opposite, from whose summit you have a 360-degree view, and of Děčínský Sněžník.

The route continues by descent through the forest to the road and railroad tracks beneath the Pustý Zámek rock formation, made up of horizontal phonolite columns, arranged in a partial fan pattern. This is a unique natural formation.

The red route crosses the Kamenice via a footbridge and leads across the railroad tracks to Břidličný Hill to the west. It climbs through the beech forest on the western slope of Břidličný Hill. Then it once again descends through the forest to the railroad track, crosses the track and continues by the Hranáč sandstone rock formation to Horní Kamenice, and through alleyways along Kamenice Stream to a beautiful small town square in Česká Kamenice nestled among viewpoint hills of volcanic origin (Zámecký Hill, Jehla). Its medieval atmosphere is complemented by St. James' Church. The green route ascends along the church south upward to the main road, where you will find transportation at the railroad tracks to the railroad station in Česká Kamenice, where the route ends.

Places of interest on the route:
St. George's Church
Tadeas Hanke Museum
Glassworks dating back to 1414
Sdružení pod Studencem association
Mount Studenec
The town of Líska
Pustý Zámek rock formation in Kamenice Valley
Česká Kamenice, church, chapel, town square, Zámecký Hill

Route options:

Main route - Chřibská, nám. BUS STOP – Stodolec 2 – Studený 6 –Studenec 9.5 - Líska, dolní 12– Pustý Zámek (Abandoned Castle) – Horní Kamenice – Česká Kamenice square 19 – Česká Kamenice TRAIN 20 km

Variant 1 - Líska, dolní BUS STOP – Pustý Zámek – Česká Kamenice TRAIN 7.5 km

Variant 2 - Líska, dolní BUS STOP – Pustý Zámek – Česká Kamenice TRAIN 7.5 km


Category Route: 

  • On foot


  • For experienced walkers

Higest Altitude: 

727 m. n. m.

Lowest Altitude: 

300 m. n. m.

Elevation Gain: 

708 m

Path length: 

20 km

Time requirements: 

6-7 hodin / Stunden / hour

Typ trasy: 

  • Car-free



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