Around the table mountain Snìžník

  • By bike
  • On a cart
  • For beginner walkers

Best to start this trip at the large parking by the Hřebenová bouda hotel, where barrier-free toilets are also available. From there ride straight across the crossroad in the direction of Jílové. Passing the Snìžník village, make a turn to the left in the first sharp right turn on the road, which leads to the cycleway no. 3017. After cca 3 km turn left to Vlčí jezero (Wolf's lake), pass the lake and come to the main road, which leads back to Snìžník. This whole route goes on blacktop with no surprisingly steep climbs at all.

For wheelchairs also.

Path length: 15 km

Also for: handbikes

Barrier-free facilities: Snìžník village, at Hřebenová bouda restaurant/hotel

Category Route: 

  • By bike
  • On a cart


  • For beginner walkers


  • Bitumen

Higest Altitude: 

597 m. n. m.

Lowest Altitude: 

453 m. n. m.

Elevation Gain: 

183 m

Path length: 

13.6 km

Time requirements: 

2 hodiny

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