Around Jetřichovice on the trail of the forest superintendent Náhlík

  • On foot
  • Medium difficulty

Start the trip in Jetřichovice, following the yellow markers past the rock castle of Falkenštejn through Haťový důl. Then join the blue route, which takes you to the former hunters’ log cabins at Na Tokání, which were built by Count Kinský. Here you can enjoy some refreshments in the restaurant before heading back, but now let’s go through the forest following the yellow markers, along what is known as the Purkartice Road. At the crossroads marking the routes in Purkartice forest, head right along the red route, which leads upwards to the imposing rock viewpoint of Rudolfův kámen. At the highest point the path leads up iron ladders to a wooden gazebo, but the effort is worth it for the beautiful panoramic view. Take the red route up to Pohovka saddle and then continue following the route marked in green. Go past the Kessler plaque, commemorating the forest warden who built many of the paths around Jetřichovice. Follow the route marked in green back to Jetřichovice, and on the way you will see some great views of the main ridge of Jetřichovice Rocks.

Origins of the first quidebook to Bohemian Switzerland

In 1860 – 1864 Ferdinand Náhlík was forest superintendent in the service of Prince Ferdinand Kinský in Rynartice near Jetřichovice. Náhlík wrote one of the oldest tourist publications about Bohemian Switzerland. He completed his work in the Rynartice forester’s hut in February 1864 and the book was published in the same year in Česká Kamenice. His “Guidebook to Bohemian Switzerland, Which Lies Adjacent to Saxon Switzerland” (“Führer durch die Böhmische Schweiz als Anschluss an die sächsische Schweiz”) is not about the whole of Bohemian Switzerland, as the name implies, but only about that part of Bohemian Switzerland which Náhlík knew so well from his day-to-day work – the area bounded by Jetřichovice, Vysoká Lípa, the border with Saxony and the Křinice valley with the Chřibská Kamenice tributary.

The text of the guidebook clearly shows his passion for the local countryside, monuments, old production traditions (preparation of grease pitch, charcoal-burning) and the local legends. His work, which offers a picture of the landscape of Bohemian Switzerland a hundred and forty years ago, may be of interest when compared with the countryside today.

The project  Tourism without Borders is implemented through the Objective 3 Programme to promote cross-border cooperation between the Czech Republic and the Free State of Saxony 2007 - 2013 period.

Category Route: 

  • On foot


  • Medium difficulty

Higest Altitude: 

471 m. n. m.

Lowest Altitude: 

227 m. n. m.

Elevation Gain: 

369 m

Path length: 

8.8 km

Time requirements: 

3 h

Typ trasy: 

  • Routes with a story
  • With a story from the past

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