Across the border from the Upper Lusatian Highlands in Saxony to the northernmost point in the Czech Republic

  • Medium difficulty

Neukirch West TRAIN – Valtenberg, chalet, observation tower 2 km –Waldhaus restaurant 6 km – northernmost point in CR 7 km –Steinigtwolmsdorf border crossing – Severní – village of Severní BUS 10.5 km – Lobendava BUS 12 km

From the station Neukirch West (in a forest, train stops on request) go through a passenger tunnel and follow the green marked path south. Head steeply upwards to Valtenberg (587 m) observation tower and chalet (built 1857). Entry is paid in the chalet; the ascent to the top of the well preserved tower is easy. Valtenberg is the highest hill in the Upper Lusatian Highlands; there are beautiful forests, mainly with beech trees.

Descend southeast; follow the green markers on the ridge trail Oberlausitzer Bergweg on paved roads, through forests, up to the road connecting Oppach and Neustadt. There is the Waldhaus restaurant. Cross the road, follow the Nordcup markers and in 10 minutes you reach the northernmost point of Czech Republic.

Follow the Czech yellow markers (the same path as in route Nr. 13), along the border and stream, then descend in a open landscape south to the road Steinigtwolmsdorf – Severní, nowadays only bike trail.

We leave the border and descend south on a paved road through an open landscape (green marker) to the village Severní (some busses come into the village, but only on weekdays) and then to the village Lobendava to the church, bus stop (busses also on Saturday and Sunday).

Refreshment along route:

At the chalet and observation tower on Valtenberg
Valtenberg chalet and observation tower
Waldhaus Restaurant at Steinigtwolmsdorf


Accommodation available:

Valtenberg observation tower and chalet


Places of interest along route:

Valtenberg observation tower
Northernmost point in Czech Republic
Northernmost village in Bohemia (Lobendava, Severní)


  • Medium difficulty

Higest Altitude: 

563 m. n. m.

Lowest Altitude: 

362 m. n. m.

Elevation Gain: 

462 m

Path length: 

12 km

Time requirements: 


Typ trasy: 

  • Car-free

Překlad: body: 


Překlad: tvůj diplom: 


Překlad: tvé výsledky: 

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