Weifberg Lookout Tower

You can find this lookout tower in Saxony, on the border with Czech Republic, near to Hinterhermsdorf and Mikulášovice villages. A yellow touristic mark leads from Mikulášovice to the tower site, the path is cca 3,5 km long and takes about ¾ hour.

The tower itself was built in 2000, it is made entirely of wood, and finds itself 478 meters above the sea. There are 17 stairs leading to the top, and the platform is 32,4 m high.

It offers an almost complete view of the Saxon and Boheian Switzerland scenery, with the tops of Great Winterberg, Königstein, Lilienstein, Tanečnice, Růžovský vrch, etc. From Lužické hory you can also see Jedlová and Studenec mountains. When the visibility is very clear, you can also spot Milešovka. There are also several sightseeing routes close by.

The lookout tower is open year-round.


Česká republika
50° 56' 12.7104" N, 14° 21' 54.6372" E


  • Saxon Switzerland
  • Lookout tower / Prospect