Vilémov u Šluknova - Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary

Built in 1728-31 by Zacharias Hoffmann of Lipová. Baroque, single-nave rectangular building with a semi-circular presbytery. At the front of the building there is a portal with a straight lintel cornice, the Salm emblem with the date 1726 (evidently the year in which Count Leopold Salm decided to build the church), and an oval window. In the gable there is a niche with a statue of St. Leopold by the sculptor Kristian Riedl of Velký Šenov. The interior of the church is arched with a barrel vault ending in a conch with lunettes. The main altar, with the black Madonna, angels and Annunciation group were placed there after 1733-1734, and were made by the sculptor Dominik Marini. On the right-hand side inside the church there is the tombstone of the church’s founder, with the figure of Chronos.

On the hillside next to the church there is a walled-off spring, above which there is a small niche chapel, dated to 1713. Behind the church are Stations of the Cross from the 19th century, in line with the presbytery there is a wooden Chapel of the Holy Sepulchre with a stone statue of the reclining Christ from 1765 by the sculptor M. Fibich of Šluknov. Lining the steps to the church are statues of St. Adalbert, St. Rosalie, St. Wenceslas, St. Sebastian, St. John of Nepomuk, St. Roch and two angels. They are all the work of Kristian Riedl, and date from 1739-41. On the bridge below the church there are two statues of St. Joseph and St. Anne by the same sculptor, dating from 1744. The statues of St. Donatus and St. Florian collapsed into the stream and were destroyed.


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50° 59' 19.8024" N, 14° 19' 46.2684" E


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