Tolštejn (ruin)

The large ruin of the castle of Tolštejn is situated 1.5 km far from the hill of Jedlová in the Lusatian Mountains. It stands on a soundstone knot (670 metres above sea level) in an otherwise sandstone area. Its name is derived from the original German “Dohlenstein” (Jackdaw Castle). The castle was one of the strongholds of the large estate of the Vartenberk branch of the Marktvartice noble family in North Bohemia. The castle was first mentioned in documents originating in the 13th century and we are certain that Vaník of Vartenberk was the first owner of the castle. The castle was burnt down and demolished during the Thirty-Years War. The Romantic era of the 19th century brought along a revived interest in the castle, and a restaurant was built on the hill in 1866.

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Jiretin pod Jedlovou
Česká republika
50° 51' 25.9524" N, 14° 34' 54.3936" E


  • Castle / Chateau
  • Restaurant
  • Lookout tower / Prospect
  • Accommodation