Tisá (village)

The village of Tisá is the portal to the western part of the Elbe Sandstones PLA, and also includes the villages of Ostrov, Rájec and Antonínov.

The architectural places of interest include the Baroque St. Anna Church from 1786; a late-19th century wall chapel with a niche found in the outer wall of house no. 349, and the peace cross originating in 1626 and situated by the road between Libouchec and Nový Libouchec, which was built in memory of the violent death of a travelling quack.
The village is the starting point of trips into the rock city of Tisá Cliffs (Tiské stěny), which was declared a natural monument in 1996. Situated north of Tisá are the Ostrov and Rájec Cliffs, whose part can be accessed via the yellow and red hiking trails.


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