Světlík - Wind Mill

The unattended Dutch-type wind mill originating in the 19th century is situated next to the pond of Světlík in the place of a no longer existing village bearing the same name, about 1.5 km from Horní Podluží. The round brick structure rises into a pyramidal roof with pitch-hole, in which small remainders of the original five-bladed wind wheel can be seen. The mill was built in 1843 and served its original purpose until 1945, when it was abandoned and its condition started to dilapidate.

It is one of the largest surviving wind mills and, more importantly, its value has not been deteriorated by additional modifications. It is the only mill in Bohemia where a part of the internal equipment has survived.


Česká republika
50° 53' 44.1384" N, 14° 33' 26.6688" E


  • Monument
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