Staré Křečany (village)

A village scattered west of Rumburk on the upper stream of the Mandava River. The name of the village is derived from the Czech term for a reeve’s house or inn. Staré Křečany was first mentioned in documents in 1485. In the year 1633, during the Thirty-Years War, the village was destroyed by the Saxon and Swedish armies. Nové Křečany was established in 1686.
The local inhabitants made their living manufacturing both useful and decorative objects from wood and bast. Hats, baskets and other items were made of wood shavings. Staré Křečany consists of the following historical or administrative parts: Brtníky, Kopec, Nové Křečany, Panský and Valdek.


In the centre of the village stands Late Baroque St. John of Nepomuk Church with so-called “bread vaulting”, which can only be found in four churches in the country. Next to the church is a parish house with a mansard roof. From Staré Křečany you can walk to the spring of the Mandava, which was cleaned by the Czech Tourist Club in 1999.


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