Srbská Kamenice (village)

As the name suggests, the municipality situated in the valley of the Kamenice River was probably founded in the 11th century by Sorbian-Lusatian colonisers.


The main landmark is Baroque St. Wenceslas Church situated on a hill over the village; the original development is represented by vernacular houses. Another attraction is the relief of the Coronation of Virgin Mary carved in the rock under the cemetery in 1701. The statue of St. Peter situated near the parish house comes from the attic gable of SS Peter and Paul Church in Růžová. Located near the village is an open cave in a rock massif called “War Shelter”. Also found in the village is nature preserve Arba. The third of the romantic rocky canyon of the Kamenice River, Srbská Kamenice Gorge, starts in the northern corner of the village. As opposed to Edmund's (Edmundova soutěska) and Wild Gorges (Divoká soutěska), it is not open for tourists. Boat trips used to be available in the upper section of the canyon, formerly called “Ferdinand’s Gorge”.


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