Sebnitz – Museal collections – Afrikahaus

The city museum in Sebnitz hides 2 jewels under its roof. First of them, the national historical and geographical of Prof. A. Meich, and the second being Afrikahaus. The museum presents history and development of the city of Sebnitz, and its production of man-made flowers. Historically furnished living rooms show authentical living conditions of the past generations. Rather curious display make Adolf Tannert's cutouts and Sebnitz's shadowplay.

The Afrikahaus stands for museum, library and meeting place in one. Over 4,000 items on display are solely dedicated to the history and present life of Africa as continent.  Beside the displays from Southern, Eastern and Western Africa we can see photographs taken in the famous rainforest hospital of Dr. Albert Schweitzer in Lambarene and memorial display about Heinrich Barth. The collection is completed by minor art displays. Visitors can also find a Namibian library in the house, containing over 3,000 titles.

(Tip: you can buy a combi ticket for the museum and fake flower manufacture production show-tour).


Opening hours:

Tue – Sun: 10:00 – 17:00



Tel. +49 35971-52590 


Hertigswalder Str. 12
01855 Sebnitz
50° 58' 11.6904" N, 14° 16' 19.2648" E


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