Růžovský vrch

The “Růžák” nature preserve (118 hectares) - the highest peak of the Bohemian Switzerland National Park (619 m) and the landmark of the entire region. It is the largest Tertiary basalt formation of eruptive rock in the entire Bohemian-Saxon Switzerland. The elements protected on this site are the well-preserved virgin forests featuring communities of typical plant species, such as the sweet woodruff, wood melick, yellow archangel, nine-leaved coral-wort, coral root, etc. We can also find here the typical inhabitants of hardwood forests, such as the stock-dove, grey-headed woodpecker, fat dormouse, common noctule, Alpine newt, etc. A lodge and a lookout tower used to stand on the top. Now there is fully-grown beech forest, which obstructs the view.


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