Růžová (village)

First mentioned as early as 1352, the village is situated under the landmark of the southern part of Bohemian Switzerland, the hill of Růžovský vrch.

The village is now a tourist resort, with its main landmark being the Baroque SS Peter and Paul Church; west of the church is a bell tower with the a brick lower floor and boarded upper floor. On the hill of Petřín (Sturmberg) on the edge of the village stands a Dutch-type wind mill. Rising over the eastern part of the village, Pastoral Hill (Pastevní vrch) offers great views. Riedel's Cross (Riedlův kříž, a peace cross) is situated by the road to Srbská Kamenice.


Česká republika
50° 50' 37.5" N, 14° 17' 32.352" E


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