Rumburk (town)

The town is situated on the edge of the Šluknov Spur. It has a rich industrial history (mainly in terms of textile production related trades and industries) and a number of historical monuments.

The most valuable monuments include the premises of the Capuchin monastery from the second half of the 17th century with a Loreto Chapel. Other religious monuments include St. Bartholomew Church (originally Gothic and later rebuilt). On Watch Hill (Strážný vrch) there is the originally Baroque St. John the Baptist Chapel, which belongs to the Orthodox Church since 1956 and is decorated in Byzantine style. Also built here at the end of the 18th century was St. John of Nepomuk Church, now operated by the Protestant Church. The square is surrounded by Renaissance, Baroque or Classicistic houses, and in the very centre is the Baroque Holy Trinity Plague Column originating in the 1680s and decorated with 18th century sculptures. Also interesting are the unusually arranged houses in Šmilkovská Street (also called Zvědavá – “Curious” – Street), whose untypical design allowed better lighting of the weaving looms. The building which originally belonged to Förster Co. is now the home of the municipal museum, which offers a permanent exhibition of regional history, and a gallery. The basalt hill of Dymník with a lookout tower is a popular tourist destination.


408 01 Rumburk
Česká republika
50° 57' 4.3056" N, 14° 33' 28.5516" E


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