Rumburk − Loreto

The construction of the Loreto started in 1704. The beautiful embossed stuccos were completed in 1709. The donor of the building was Anthony Florian of Liechtenstein. It is presumed that the church was designed by byl Johann Lukas von Hildebrandt, author of significant Baroque structures in Austria. The building was inspired by the Italian „Holy Hut“, but locally extracted sandstone was used to make the ten Sibyls and ten prophets instead of marble, which is used in the case of the Italian Loreto. In addition to the reliefs and sculptures, the exterior of the Loreto also includes Corinthian semi-columns with richly decorated capitals. Inside the Loreto is a copy of “Miraculous Black Madonna” of cedar wood decorated with gold and diamonds. In 1694 the statuette was consecrated by Pope Innocent XII. The construction of the cloister along the chapel perimeter was commenced in 1743.

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