Rumburk – City Library

The city library in Rumburk is the most north situated professional library in Czech Republic. Its services are used by not only Rumburk citizens, but also by the residents of the whole Šluknow district.

Since 1996 the library's status is an organization supervised by the city of Rumburk. It offers a choice over 100,000 books, over 6,500 audio documents, dailry press, journals, bibliographical and information services also, as well as internet access, for blind people assistance, excursions for schools, exhibitions and use of its own social hall.



Tř. 9. května 150/29
408 01 Rumburk
Česká republika
50° 57' 13.7232" N, 14° 33' 14.3064" E


  • Education
  • Culture