Rock niche with a picture of St. Joseph (Mezná)

Rock niche chapel in Mezná. The ornamental decoration dates back to the 18th century. The date and the initials "J C Dresden 1856" below the arch evidently show the date it was renovated and the name of the wood merchant Johann Claro, patron of the stop. The rock niche chapel could originally have contained a painted image depicting St. Joseph. The chapel served as a place to rest (Ruhestelle) on religious processions, as also as an important boundary marker.

In front of the niche by the Mezná bridge the coffin-bearers laid the coffin down on the Ruhestein rock and those gathered there recited the Lord's Prayer several times. During a huge storm and flooding from 29. - 30. 7. 1897, the Mezná bridge was destroyed and, when the new and higher bridge was built, the chapel found itself below the level of the new trail.


Česká republika
50° 51' 58.0212" N, 14° 17' 43.3212" E


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