Rock niche of the Visitation of the Virgin Mary (Dolní Chřibská)

This rock niche, the age of which is unknown, was carved into the massive rock by the crossroads in Dolní Chřibská, next to a house which, until 1945, was known as Stengels Haus. In the past this niche used to hold a picture of the Virgin Mary. By the 19th century nothing was known about the niche. It had no patron to take care of it.

The niche was the last stop in the procession held by the religious Visitation of the Virgin Mary Brethren from Chřibská. It started in Horní Chřibská and went as far as Dolní Chřibská to the crossroads of the roads to Rynartice - Doubice – Chřibská.



Česká republika
50° 52' 4.602" N, 14° 28' 12.8964" E


  • Monument