Mikulášovice (town)

A small town situated on the edge of the Elbe Sandstones PLA close to the German border. It was established as a charcoal burners’ settlement and is now famous for knifemaking.


St. Nicholas Church, established in the 16th century and later rebuilt in the Baroque style, can be considered the centre of the long village. One of the interesting spots is the former observatory built between the World Wars. Nearby the road to Brtníky is the remarkable three-sided Baroque Holy Trinity Chapel built of sandstone block. The town is the starting point of trips on the hill Dancer (Tanečnice), which offers a lookout tower, and to Saxon Switzerland (Hinterhermsdorf).


407 79 Mikulášovice
Česká republika
50° 57' 58.0212" N, 14° 21' 38.4732" E


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