Lischkens Kapelle (Chřibská)

This Neo-Classicist chapel was built out of light sandstone blocks in 1927 by the brothers Franz and Karl Lischke from Chřibská. According to folk tradition, the chapel was originally known as Lischkens Kapelle. It stands on the tourist route from Chřibská to Spravedlnost Hill.

The restoration work removed the dense foliage and included landscaping alterations. After the sandstone blocks had been cleaned, desalination wraps were added in certain places. The original oil painting has not been preserved. According to the original description, the new oil painting on metal depicts Souls in Purgatory and the Fourteen Holy Saints.


Česká republika
50° 52' 14.7468" N, 14° 28' 30.6084" E


  • Monument