Lipová near Šluknov - Church of St. Simon and Jude

The first mention of this church dates back to the second half of the 15th century. Back then it still evidently belonged to the parish in Lipová, under the ecclesiastical administration of the Budyšín deanery. The present-day Church of St. Simon and Jude was built in 1691-1695 by Marie Markéta, Countess of Trautson. The coat-of-arms of Marie Markéta can be found on the main face of the building together with the coat-of-arms of her husband, Jan Jiří Count of Slavata from Chlum and Košumberk. The building work was supervised by the master mason Balthasar Hille. Although the church was not fully completed until 1695, the first religious services began there two years earlier. The prismatic tower attached to the east side of the presbytery was added in 1781.

The main altar, two side altars and the pulpit were designed in 1839 by the Dresden court sculptor Franz Johann Pettrich. Pettrich himself carved the statue of Christ on the Cross with angels praying together with his son, Christoph Neuhäuser. On the north side of the presbytery is the original main altar picture with a painting of saints Simon and Jude.




Lipová 125
40781 Lipová u Šluknova
Česká republika
51° 0' 46.4688" N, 14° 21' 50.1336" E


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