Kögler cross in Kamenná Horka

The history of the unique Kögler cross in Krásná Lípa dates back to 1792. It was built in the garden in front of the farm and inn at No. 2 in Kamenná Horka, part of Krásný Buk, by the innkeeper and yarn merchant Josef Kögler. It is the duality of this, the most beautiful and unique cross in the region, that attracts interest - the same side faces the street as that facing the house. A number of stylized decorative ornaments and threads face out onto all four sides.

The restoration work, besides conserving the original cross, also saw the creation and installation of a replica of the sacral monument. The new plinth was carved from sandstone, from the quarry near Pirna, in Saxony. The oldest of the three layers of polychromy to have been discovered was repainted on it (dark red and light greyish-pink). A new steel cross was forged. The decorations on the cross were gilded and painted green and red, as they would have looked in the 18th century. The colour scheme is based on laboratory analysis of preserved fragments of the original colours. The cross was blessed on 1. 12. 2011 by Antonín Sedlák, priest of the Roman Catholic parish of Krásná Lípa.


Česká republika
50° 54' 37.2744" N, 14° 29' 16.0908" E


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