Kleesin cross (Staré Křečany)

This granite plinth with its cast-iron cross dated to the 19th century is situated near the recreational site by the spring of the Mandava near Staré Křečany. Before 1945 it was known as the Kleesin cross.

During the renovation of the damaged cross the exceptionally well-preserved beams were returned from the original cross, which were found during field work, to the new cast-iron cross with the silhouettes of Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary. They are all the remains of the original cross, which was destroyed by vandals. The following inscription was painted on the plinth: Hilfs uns, Herr in der Noth. Durch dem Kreuz und Marterstod Laß uns durch dein bitter Sterben. Nach dem Tod den Himmel eiben.


Staré Křečany
Česká republika
50° 57' 30.348" N, 14° 27' 49.6332" E


  • Monument