Jiřetín pod Jedlovou - Church of the Holy Trinity

Historical characteristics of the building:
Construction work was begun on the church in 1587-1590 by the then owners of Jiřetín, the Mehl family from Strehlitz. It was completed in 1611 by the new owner, Radslav, Prince of Vchynice. The building was also partially funded by the people from the nearby towns of Žitava, Zhořelec, Kamenec, Löbau and the owners of the Česká Kamenice estate, the lords Jindřich and Zikmund of Vartenberk.

The church was consecrated by Joachim Schönfelder, an evangelical priest from Dolní Podluží on the day of the Ascension of Jesus Christ in 1612. The church was originally a single-nave rectangular building with a three sided presbytery facing the east. The tower on the north side of the church was not built until later. People evidently entered through the north side of the building, which still has a beautiful portal inspired by the Saxon Renaissance. Today the portal covers the hallway, built when the church was repaired in 1747. During the 19th century the church was altered again, this time in the Neo-Gothic style.

The interior of the church is mainly furnished in the Baroque style from the 18th century. The altar pictures of the Holy Trinity from 1856 and the Resurrection of the Lord from 1837 are the work of Johann Birnbaum Sr., a native of Jiřetín.





Náměstí Jiřího 1
407 47 Jiřetín pod Jedlovou
Česká republika
50° 52' 28.1712" N, 14° 34' 27.7104" E


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