Huntířov (village)

The village a population of 700 is situated at the border between two protected landscape areas - the Elbe Sandstones PLA and the Bohemian Uplands PLA. The village includes the quarters of Stará Oleška and Nová Oleška (Old and New Oleška).

The villages contain well-preserved vernacular structures, a 19th Holy Trinity Church in Nová Oleška, and a former wind mill on Francis Hill (Františkův vrch). The village is a popular starting point for trips around the Kamenice River, and Oleška Pond (Olešský rybník) in Stará Oleška is suitable for bathing.


40742 Huntířov
Česká republika
50° 47' 20.6124" N, 14° 18' 17.8164" E


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