Hřensko (village)

The last Czech settlement on the right Elbe bank, unique in its architecture and landscaping with vantage points. It developed from a trading port and storage facility. It became a centre of tourism in the 19th century under the control of the Clary- Aldringen family. The place faces the danger of floods (last heavy floods occurred in 2010) and collapsing rocks. It is the lowest point of Bohemia (110 m above sea level).

Attractions The historical monuments include St. John of Nepomuk Church built in the 1780s and the statue of the same saint. A pseudo-Gothic chapel is built next to the road to Janov, and nearby there is also Hiebel’s Chapel carved in the rock. The right side of the Elbe Hotel front face features dates indicating the water level in floods. The measurements have been recorded since the 19th century. Hřensko is the starting point of trips to the Kamenice River gorges, to the Pravčice Gate (Pravčická brána), into the Dry Kamenice valley (Suchá Kamenice) or (with the use of cross-border ferry) to the valley of the Elbe (Kaňon Labe) on both the Bohemian and Saxon side of the border.


Česká republika
50° 52' 29.7264" N, 14° 14' 41.7588" E


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