Hiek’s cross (Vlčí Hora)

Metal cross with a stone plinth. The square plinth, standing on two stone steps, is divided up into foot, shank and head. The broader foot goes into a simple prismatic stem topping a cornice head with a torus and recesses.

The front of the foot is lined with a wreath motif, in the midst of which there is the engraved inscription "O Mensch betrachte das Leiden und die schmerzliche Kreuzigung Jesu Christi. Im Schweigen wie im Dulden gros. Zeilst, Heiliger! Du das Meisters Loos. Hilf uns schweigen, dulden ringen, Muthvoll uns zum Himmel schwingen."

There are also engraved inscriptions on the sides of the foot and the stem. On the front of the stem there is a rectangular hollow lined with astragal, in which there is a carved relief of St. John of Nepomuk. The head is adorned with dentil. On the front of the head there is a segmented plate with the relief of a ram in sunbeams. A metal lamp-holder is set into the top of the head. The metal cross with a support at the back and the body of Christ and a plate with the inscription INRI is set into a profiled extension joined to the head of the plinth.

Around the monument there are four posts along the fence. All the stone parts are made of sandstone.

Historical details: The monument was built in 1832 by Laurenz Görner, a cottager from No. 27 in Dlouhý Důl, on the site of what used to be a wooden cross.

Literature: BELISOVÁ. Natalie: Putování po duchovním panství Krásnolipska (Exploring the Spiritual Dominion of Krásná Lípa), Krásná Lípa 2005.


Vlčí Hora
Česká republika
50° 55' 36.1128" N, 14° 28' 13.1448" E


  • Monument