Doubice (village)

The village situated at the border of Bohemian Switzerland and the Lusatian Mountains consists of two parts - Old and New Doubice – which merged with the housing development consisting in a number of vernacular buildings. The northern part, Old Doubice, was established in the 15th century next to one of the oldest glassworks in the country (does not exist any longer). Another part of the village was the now non-existent village of Zadní (Rear) Doubice situated in the valley of the Křinice River.

Attractions The architectural monuments include the Virgin Mary Assumption Churchbuilt in 1811-1814, the half-bricked building of the former parish house, and a number of examples of vernacular architecture. Limestone was extracted around the village and processed in a lime kiln, whose remnants can be seen next to the road to Krásná Lípa. Lime Hill (Vápenný vrch) and the Lime Kiln (Vápenka) nature preserve are situated northeast of the village.


Doubice 50
407 46 Krásná Lípa
Česká republika
50° 53' 21.6096" N, 14° 27' 26.6652" E


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