Dolský Mill

First mentioned in 1515 as a mill with three wheels (one powering a sawing machine, two for the milling plant). It was rebuilt and a bakery was added in 1727. In times of water shortage it was also used as a malt mill for the Bynovec estate brewery. A distillery was added in 1814. In the late 19th century it was the terminus of the passage boats through Ferdinand's Gorge, and a pub was built. For several years, the mill was used as the headquarters of the Border and Customs Patrol. Abandoned since 1945; the mill is today only a romantic ruin.
Dolský Mill is situated in the Kamenice River Valley next to a hiking trail to Vysoká Lípa, Kamenická Stráň and Jetřichovice.


407 16 Jetřichovice
Česká republika
50° 50' 53.0016" N, 14° 20' 47.0004" E


  • Monument
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