Děčín – St. Wenceslas and Blaise Church and the Chapel of Our Lady of Succour

The current appearance of the Baroque three-nave church with a square tower and the front face decorated with the statues of St. Wenceslas and St. Blaise is a product of a reconstruction completed in the second half of the 19th century. The original St. Wenceslas parish church (first mentioned in 1368) was situated elsewhere, and its actual location remains unknown. A new, Gothic church was consecrated in 1492 but was completely destroyed by the fire of the town in 1749. The reconstruction began as early as 1751, but the church started serving its purpose as late as 1878. In 1927, the Chapel of Our Lady of Succour from 1726 was moved next to the church from the across the street, and in 1939 St. Anna Chapel, originally built in St. Anna Street in 1730, was integrated into the northern facade of the church.


ul. 28. října
405 01 Děčín
Česká republika
50° 46' 55.6248" N, 14° 12' 54.0288" E


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