Děčín – Paradise Islands Exhibition

The Paradise Islands are a separate exhibition at Děčín Zoo, which can be found in the centre of Děčín on Teplická ulice (approx. 700 m from the zoo). It was built on the site of Sulawesi, the former Night Zoo. The original two rooms grew to provide a far greater space. The zoo rises up four floors, offering visitors a unique insight into various species of plants and animals from different parts of the world. After having to take a forced break of more than thirty years, Děčín Zoo can again delight visitors with various species of invertebrates, fish and reptiles.

The clubroom, with its stylised furniture –the Zoo Club – is used to host meetings of nature and travel lovers, talks, exhibitions and audio programmes. You can also see the marine fauna and flora of the coral reefs, creatures that live in tropical forests, deserts and mangrove coasts, as well as animals such as... the clownfish, lionfish, shrimp, climbers, the mangrove monitor lizard, the giant Asian pond turtle, the Chinese water dragon, stick insects, the Cuban rock iguana, the reticulated python,… and lots more!

The entire exhibition is a bonus for anyone visiting the zoo at Pastýřská stěna, as after showing your ticket, you can take a cruise around the Paradise Islands completely free of charge (only until the end of the calendar year that you bought your ticket in).


Teplická 19
405 02 Děčín
Česká republika
50° 46' 49.6164" N, 14° 10' 33.4236" E


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