Děčín – chateau

The castle built in the 16th century is a result of multiple reconstructions of a previous fortified castle. In 1628 the Thuns gained control over Děčín, and during their reign, the castle was occupied by Saxons and Swedes. The Baroque conversion of the building started in 1668 and also involved landscaping, park establishment and integration of two previously separate buildings into one. At the end of the 18th century the castle was rebuilt in the Early Classicistic style. Access to the castle is via the so-called “Long Ride" - a steep, 299 metres long street from the town centre. The street is lined with blind arcades on both sides (atypical for Baroque architecture). After 1968, the castle was used by the Soviet Army. Over 20 years of its presence caused substantial damage to the castle.


Opening hours
November- February daily 10:00-16:00
  Sa+Su,holidays 10:00-17:00
March - June daily 9:00-17:00
July - August daily 9:00-18:00
September - October daily 9:00-17:00
Adults 90,- CZK
Student, Retiree 70,- CZK
Children 50,- CZK
Family 220,- CZK

Rose Garden

Opening hours
April,October Sa+Su, holidays 10:00-18:00
May – August daily 10:00-20:00
September daily 10:00-17:00
Adults 15,- CZK
Children 6,- CZK

Exposition of Regional Museum in Děčín

Opening hours
April-Juni daily 9:00-17:00
July–August daily 9:00-18:00
September-October daily 9:00-17:00
Adults 30,- CZK
Children 15,- CZK

Dlouhá jízda, Děčín
Tel./Fax: +420 412 518 905
E-mail: info@zamekdecin.cz


Dlouhá jízda 1254
405 01 Děčín
Česká republika
50° 46' 44.9652" N, 14° 12' 46.0872" E


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