Cross with a stone plinth (Skřivánčí Pole)

This granite plinth with its tall wrought-iron cross stands by the track running from Staré Křečany to Krásná Lípa in the former hamlet of Neu-Lerchenfeld (Skřivánčí Pole), which ceased to exist after 1945. Neither the maker nor the person who paid for the cross, which dates from the end of the 18th century, are known.

The silhouettes of Christ, the Virgin Mary, St. John and Mary Magdalene were returned to the restored original wrought-iron cross bearing the date 1798. The original inscription was added: “Wir danken dir von Herzen. O Jesu liebster Frond, die Todesschmerzen du hast, sehr gut gemeint.” New fencing was erected and the granite plinth was restored.



Česká republika
50° 56' 0.312" N, 14° 29' 56.0004" E


  • Monument