Cross with a stone plinth - Schemmelkreuz (Všemily)

According to a 19th-century description of the wrought-iron cross in Všemilské pláně in Všemily near Jetřichovice, there used to hang three silhouettes, which did not represent the traditional Calvary group. Besides Jesus Christ, the cross, which was originally known as Schemmelkreuz, featured the disciples John and Peter. This is a most unique example, with no records of any similar cross anywhere else in Bohemian Switzerland. The original appearance of the cross is known from the estate left by the painter August Frina from Krásná Lípa. The cross was apparently destroyed by vandals in the 1950s.

The restored wrought-iron cross was refitted with newly-painted silhouettes together with attributes of the saints – a cockerel (St. Peter) and a chalice (St. John). A green-painted tin roof covers the cleaned sandstone plinth, which still shows traces of the original paintwork.


Česká republika
50° 50' 33.6732" N, 14° 22' 53.976" E


  • Monument