Cross with a stone plinth (Horní Mikulášovice)

This 18th-century plinth with its monumental wrought-iron cross is surrounded by a metal fence from the 19th century. The cross was renovated in 1926.
The restoration work in 2010 created a new monumental metal cross based on the original description.

With the help of the Municipal Authority of Mikulášovice, which provided the torso of the original cross, the massive 4-metre-high cross from 1776 was completely restored in the village of Horní Mikulášovice. The work saw the return of a large group of figures including Christ and five angels, the Virgin Mary, Mary Magdalene, and St. John. The sandstone plinth was cleaned up and the original wrought-iron fence repaired.

The cross was blessed on 6. 10. 2011 by Jacek Kotisz, custodian of the Roman Catholic parish Mikulášovice. On the same day a lime tree commemorating St. Agnes of Bohemia was planted by the cross, on the site of a felled rowan, to mark 800 years from the birth of the Czech saint.


Česká republika
50° 57' 40.4208" N, 14° 23' 1.158" E


  • Monument