Cross with a stone plinth (Dolní Poustevna)

The cross with the high cast-iron cross in the centre of Dolní Poustevna dated back to 1863. It was built by the owner of the ribbon factory, Leopold Hesse, of No. 2 Dolní Poustevna. The granite plinth bears the date and the initials L 1863 H.

During the renovation work the plinth was cleaned and the damage head restored. Gilt was added to the inscription: Es ist Vollbracht. Placed atop the cast-iron cross, which is more than 3 m high, was the restored gilt casting of Jesus Christ. The fence was rebuilt from rolled material using the original techniques.


Česká republika
50° 58' 52.7484" N, 14° 17' 15.6912" E


  • Monument