City Benešov nad Ploučnicí

The local historical monuments make the town situated at the junction of the Bystrá and Ploučnice Rivers a popular tourist destination.

The town is dominated by two chateaus - Upper and Lower - built in the Gothic style and in the style of “Saxon” Renaissance, which is not common in Bohemia. Other historical monuments include the Late Gothic Assumption of the Virgin Mary Church built in the 15th -16th century, which was later extended by the Salhausen Chapel containing a set of Renaissance and Early Baroque tombstones. Near the church there is also the Sorrowful Virgin Mary Church with the interior decorated in Rococo style, and a mid-18th-century plague column in the square.


Náměstí Míru 1
407 22 Benešov nad Ploučnicí
Česká republika
50° 44' 30.9516" N, 14° 18' 38.9952" E


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