Chřibská (village)

The village is situated in the valley of the Chřibská Kamenice River and its position makes it one of the gates of “Rear” Bohemian Switzerland..

Although a number of historical monuments were destroyed in the village after WWII, there are still many valuable buildings to be found. The interesting buildings include well-preserved vernacular structures – semi-timbered houses, and a New-Gothic former town hall next to the native house of traveller and scientist Tadeas Haenke (the house now hosts a museum). Over the square there is St. George Church, whose wall is decorated with Renaissance tombstones of important individuals. Unique technical monuments are represented by a spice mill and a 1880s aqueduct which used to feed water to the waving mill in Dolní Chřibská. Also remarkable is the water reservoir with a 26 metres high dam and a restored forest theatre. Horní Chřibská also boasts with probably the oldest European continuously operating glassworks mentioned as early as 1414. The natural monuments Marschner's Meadow (Marschnerova louka) and Brodský’s Meadow (Louka u Brodských) can be found nearby.
Other popular trip destinations include the Chřibská Castle ruin and the hill called Justice(Spravedlnost), which legends have for an execution ground.


407 44 Chřibská
Česká republika
50° 51' 47.6352" N, 14° 28' 55.578" E


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