Chřibská - St. George Church

Originally built in the Gothic style, St. George Church was completely rebuilt around 1596. In 1649 the church tower was heightened (by architect K. Schrötter of Pirna) and became a four-floor structure with a bulbous dome. The church continued to be modified and rebuilt (by architect Francesco Ceresola in 1670). The Gothic style was restored in 1901. Inside the church we can find the main tabernacle altar and two modern-era altars (Virgin Mary Altar and St. Anthony of Padua Altar) opposite each other. The pulpit comes from around 1670 and is decorated with the figures of Christ, St. George and the Apostles painted on the wood. The oval marble Evangelistery with a tin lid comes from the Late Baroque era.


Chřibská 9
407 44 Chřibská
Česká republika
50° 51' 50.3892" N, 14° 28' 57.3996" E


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