Chapel of the Holy Trinity (Vlčí Hora)

Brick prismatic chapel with a gable roof. The chapel has a rectangular ground plan. The plastered and painted facades are not adorned with sculptural work, apart from the main front, where the sides of the rectangular opening are accompanied by a pair of conches topped by niches. The building stands on a low base. The roof is covered by sheet titanium zinc. The interior features an arched barrel vault. On the wall opposite the entrance there is a simple bench carved into the wall, above which there is a relief of the Holy Trinity. The facade is painted in yellow and white. Behind the chapel there stands a massive lime tree.

Historical details: the chapel was built by Johann Georg Klinger in 1709 on land belonging to his house, at No. 14, allegedly as thanks for the fact that his son returned safe and sound from the war. In 1838 the chapel had a shingle roof; inside were a small altar, paintings on glass depicting the Victorious Christ and the Crucifixion of Christ, wooden statues of Piety, John of Nepomuk and statues of St. Anne and the Madonna dressing. There also used to be a picture of Our Lady of Succour and Anthony of Padua, a picture of the Three Kings, a wax Infant Jesus in a glass display case, and an image of the Fourteen Saints. In 1891 Franz Kollator, the chaplain of Brtnický, donated a statue of the Mother of God to the chapel.

Literature and sources:
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Verbal testimony by: Karel Stein, Děčín 2009.


Česká republika
50° 55' 29.2764" N, 14° 28' 34.9536" E


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