Chapel of Our Lady of Mount Carmel in Vlčí Hora

This single-nave chapel in the village of Vlčí Hora dates from the end of the 19th century. It was consecrated on 17. 10. 1870. A new altar image was put in place in 1930. The copy of the Sistine Madonna was painted by Josef Neumann from Horní Jindřichov, a skilled painter of nativity scene backdrops in the Šluknov region. Electricity was installed in the chapel in 1929. Six years later, after the acquisition of the tower clock, a second tower was built above the entrance.

General refurbishment of the chapel was carried out in 2009-2010. This involved the construction of a new tower, restoration of the facade, the windows, the clock mechanism and the chimes. The steps were also renovated. The original interior furnishings were treated and restored. The chapel was re-consecrated on 18. 12. 2010.




Vlčí Hora
Česká republika
50° 55' 56.5356" N, 14° 27' 48.5532" E


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