Brtníky – Tourist Centre and Ametyst Gallery

Another attraction for visitors to Bohemian Switzerland is a tour of the “Tourist Centre - Ametyst Gallery” in Brtníky, which opened in 2012.

This is the ideal place not only for lovers of the composed landscape of Bohemian Switzerland as depicted in photographs by Zdeněk Patzelt, but also for mineral collectors and lovers of precious and semi-precious stones. More than a thousand exhibits of giant amethyst geodes, agates and countless minerals make for a literally captivating sight and are proof of what a powerful witch nature is. Most of the exhibits are for sale as a unique souvenir of a visit to Bohemian Switzerland.

The store sells large wall photographs, postcards, books and tourist souvenirs, as well as agates, amethysts, minerals and beautiful rings and pendants with natural precious stones.

This is the only place where you can buy the new book “Národní parky České republiky” (“National Parks of the Czech Republic”) directly from the author, signed by Zdeněk Patzelt.

Brtníky is the ideal starting point for trips in both winter and summer, so make sure to plan a visit here when thinking about your next trip to Bohemian Switzerland; you’re guaranteed to be pleasantly surprised.

May also open outside opening hours, on request.


Tel.:  +420733548023


Brtníky č.p. 276
407 60 Brtníky
Česká republika
50° 56' 52.2744" N, 14° 26' 27.312" E


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