Brtníky icefalls

These icefalls only form at the end of cold winters with snow cover - February, March.

You can find these icefalls by setting off from the village of Brtníky following the green tourist markers, which will take you to the former chateau of Šternberk, which has now been rebuilt for tourist purpose. From there, you can get to the nearby Soví viewpoint. This is a beautiful spot, with views over the snowy, rugged countryside, immersed in silence and dreams of winter.

If you keep walking, the route will take you to the first of the outstandingly beautiful icefalls known as Opona. This route does not only offer these spectacular icefalls, which get bigger with every cold morning; there are also lots of other interesting places worth making a stop at to look around and rest for a while. Along the way you will pass the Velký pruský tábor (Great Prussian camp – a large rock overhang) and Brtnický hrádek. This is also an unforgettable spectacle.

After a while the path veers off and you can continue following the green markers towards the Tourist Bridge, or go back to Brtníky through the valley of the Vlčí stream (marked cycle route No. 3033).

On the way back you can see some more gorgeous icefalls – Bethlehem, The Organ and The Big Column.

Special care should be taken as there are often icy and slippery areas along the way!


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