Bohemian-Saxon Switzerland

Millions of years ago, this area was completely covered by a shallow sea, on the bottom of which sandy sediments were deposited from the nearby rivers and streams. When the sea receded, it left some of the remarkable sandstone rock formations you can see today. Over the years the countryside was shaped here, untouched by human hands. This is why we can still see the unique beauty of this landscape today.

Bohemian Switzerland

One of the most popular national parks, Bohemian Switzerland is undoubtedly wholly unique, with the largest sandstone bridge in Europe, “Pravčická brána”, and a cruise through the cliffs of the River Kamenice. The landscape is enhanced by the surrounding hills, which are dominated by Růžovský vrch hill standing near a rocky area. It also tends to be known as “Děčín Fujiyama”. Throughout the region you can find countless rare species of animals and plants.

Saxon Switzerland

The largest attractions in this region are the tourist routes of varying difficulty leading through this landscape of rock towns, table mountains, gorges, deep ravines and hillsides. The entire area is a paradise for rock-climbers. Anyone can climb on these rocks, without needing to be a member of a climbing club. You can liven up the trip with a visit to one of the large castles in the area, such as Königstein Castle, the largest rock castle in Europe. It is also well worth taking a boat trip down the enormous canyon of high sandstone rocks lining the River Elbe. You can get as far as Dresden doing this.


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